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Salt Lake City Office

2150 E 1300 S

Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

About Us

Why Our Clients Work With Us

Why Our Clients Work With Us

It takes a compass, the stars and a map to guide you safely to your destination.

With over 25 years investment experience in both up and down markets we have a steady hand on the tiller to steer your financial ship safely into port.

We can help you identify and solidify your goals, and direction, plot a clear path to get to you to your destinations, utilizing comprehensive financial planning skills while keeping a sharp eye on investment risk, returns, cash needs, and time horizons.

Being an effective financial advisor includes having a vast professional network, working with the best of the best, in related disciplines forming a strong team that includes legal, tax and investment advice to have it all work together for your benefit.

TruNorth Investment Management has the skills, the network and knowledge to help create and monitor portfolios to weather the storms and ride on high tides in fair weather.


The Value of Working With Us

The Value of Working With Us

Studies show that working with an advisor can have long-term payoffs.  We break down how working with us can benefit you both financially and your peace of mind.

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