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Corporate Retirement Strategies

Corporate Retirement Strategy

Corporate Retirement Strategy

What type of retirement plan makes the most sense for your business? How to save for yours and your employees retirement. How to attract and retain the best employees in a tax efficient manner for your business.

Is it as simple as a type of IRA? SIMPLE, SEP, ROTH, Traditional? Or maybe one of the IRS Code 4 ERISA plans? 401k, 403b, 457?

Other options that may be right:

  • Defined Benefit
  • Profit Sharing
  • NQDC (Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans.) AKA: Golden Parachute,
  • Golden Handcuffs
  • HSA (Health Savings Plans)
Staying Compliant and Competitive

Staying Compliant and Competitive

When do you need to evaluate your corporate retirement plans?

The world of corporate retirement options can be confusing and sometimes difficult to navigate. I can guide you through the process of checking if your plan is following today’s standards and if it is competitive.

You will want a plan evaluation when:

  • You want to see if your plan complies
  • You want to see if your fees and expenses have outgrown your plan or if you suspect the fees are no longer competitive.
  • You want to benchmark your plans features and analyze your current education and communication policy.
  • You will want to see if your plan is competitive with other plans in your market for employee retention/cost reduction
  • You have not re-visited your plan in 3 or more years.

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Example of Our Investment Policy Statement

Example of Our Investment Policy Statement

Click below to view an example of our 401k Investment Policy Statement.

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