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The Value of Working With TruNorth

The Center for Outcomes and Brinker Capital published a paper that shows that working with an advisor creates long-term payoffs for clients.  Below we will highlight the value of working with TruNorth Investment Management in both the short-term financial benefits and for your lifelong goals and well-being. Click Here to Download the Brinker Capital-Behavioral Alpha Report.

Good Advice Pays

Good Advice Pays

"The chart ... shows how those who receive four to six years of advice, the multiple attributable to advice is 1.58.  Those receiving seven to 14 years of advice nearly double (1.99x) their no-advice peers, and those receiving 15 or more years of advice clocked in at an overwhelming 2.73x multiple. Good financial advice pays in the short run, but the multiplication of those gains over an investing lifetime is truly staggering."

"Vanguard estimate that the value added by working with a competent financial advisor is roughly 3% per year."

Adding Value to Your Quality of Life

Adding Value to Your Quality of Life

"The Canadian “Value of Advice Report” found that those paying for financial advice reported a greater sense of confidence, more certainty about their ability to retire comfortably and having higher levels of funds for an emergency."

"Receiving good financial advice pays a dividend that builds both wealth and confidence. The research is unequivocal that a competent financial guide can both help you achieve the returns necessary to arrive at your financial destination while simultaneously improving the quality of your journey."

The Bottom Line<br/>

The Bottom Line

Research shows that working with an advisor can improve your financial well-being and your overall quality of life.  At TruNorth Investment Management we have the knowledge and experience to guide you towards your financial goals.  We carefully craft financial plans tailored to your needs and goals using our insights and experience. In today’s economic environment it is more important than ever to work with people who will help you pinpoint your needs by understanding your goals, recognize any risks and obstacles to meeting them, help you overcome, and reevaluate your plan as circumstances dictate. 

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