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When the Seas Get Rough, We Don't Abandon Ship

2022 June 

We have seen the storm clouds gathering and as any good sailor, we are always at the ready to batten down the hatches.  The current economic environment with inflation and market correction is not a time to panic, it’s time to lean on experience and knowledge.


In calm waters, even inexperienced boaters can steer to their destination with the most basic navigational information. It is when the water starts rising and the seas get rough that you need a seasoned professional. 


When financial markets are uncertain, that is the time you need an experienced, strong, smart advisor on your team. You need someone guiding you to safe shores. Because of my decades of experience, I know how to navigate up and down markets, recessions, inflation, and bubbles bursting.


I go the extra mile to manage my clients’ money the same way I want mine managed. I know the benefits of owning individual securities in both up and down markets.


My mantra and philosophy in investing holds true in volatile markets more than at any other time. Following fear or following the herd is never a good financial idea.  When the seas get rough, we don’t abandon ship.


Click to read What Makes Us Different to revisit our investment strategy and how that benefits you. 


We will work together to get you safely to your destination.



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