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September 2020

TruNorth Investment News

September 2020 Edition

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The dates change, but the headlines stay the same

Extra, Extra, Read All About It…

“The U.S. is afflicted by a massive economic migraine, and more than 200 million Americans know too well just how much it hurts... The stock market has scarcely been so shaky since 1929. Just about everybody who buys, sells, borrows, or invests has that overall feeling of unease. And there is no fast, fast relief in sight.”(1)

Nothing in memory has prepared consumers for such turbulent, epochal change, the sort of upheaval that happens once in 50 years. That may explain why so many voter polls, taken as the economy shudders toward the November election, reveal such ragged emotional edges, so much fear and misgiving. Even the economists do not have a name for the present condition, though one has described it as "suspended animation" and "never-never land."” (2)

“Retirees today are fretting over shrinking nest eggs, and workers wonder when they'll ever get to rest.” (3)

“But Americans have a new menu of economic woes — among them a real estate crash, a credit crisis, a broken healthcare

system and nagging job insecurity.” (4)

If the gloom and doom headlines about the American economy seem never-ending, if there doesn’t seem to be an end to the economic turmoil we are in, take heart. The economic issues that many of us are worried about aren’t new. Today’s headlines may feel like something new, but looking at the past, it is clear we have been here before.

The headlines above sound like news stories from the last 6 months. They are actually from Time Magazine’s Cover Stories…on September 9, 1974 (1), September 28, 1992 (2), July 29, 2002 (3), and May 26, 2008 (4). No one can tell you what the future may look like, but we can look to the past to get an idea of some good investment tips during this economic uncertainty.

September 9, 1974 September 28, 1992

July 29, 2002 May 26, 2008

How the next President can make America grow again

The U.S. Economy has seen many Bear Markets that have bounced back. For every bear, there is a bull and for every bull, there is a bear. In the middle of these downturns there was no way of knowing how long they would last or what the recovery would ultimately look like.

There are plenty of things that are making the economy shaky, unemployment, the pandemic, and political uncertainty. Staying focused while the market is uncertain is never easy. Below are some best practices to help you cope:

  • Recognize that market downturns have happened before, and they will happen again

Just like the headlines above show we have been through many times throughout history that we thought the world was coming to an end

  • Don’t lose sight of the big picture

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Remain committed to your long-term financial goals

  • Keep your emotions out of your decision making

As we have talked about many times, emotions can lead to irrational and impulsive decision making

  • Keep your investment strategy in line with your risk tolerance

All investing has risks. You can’t eliminate all risk, but you can limit it and you can defend against it. The important thing is to understand how much risk you can tolerate.

  • Keep your portfolio diversified

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your nest egg

  • You only lose money when you pull it out of the market

Don’t burry your nest egg in the backyard or hide it under the bed

  • Work with a financial advisor you trust

Someone who has experience successfully navigating both up and down markets

Stay happy and safe,


Time Magazine stories and covers: