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2020 Year End Edition

As we end this very turbulent year—and it is a wild ride to the very end—pandemic mutations or stimulous anyone? We are turning our thoughts to the future by taking a peek at the past.


Historical Information: Younger people—If you turned 33 in 2020 you have lived through five bear markets and three recessions, the 1987 Black Mondy stock market crash the  9/11 terrorist attacks, the  2008 global real estate crisis, and now the  2020 pandemic, You have also lived through four bull markets, (including the 11-year bull that ended February 2020 and four economic expansions. You have benefited from the lowest interest rates in history. Your life expectancy as of this month is another 47.3 years on earth. (Source BTN Research)


If you are older and wiser, we have lived through more and seen many more interesting life events—in and out of financial markets. The message I want to leave with you is that for all the bears and all the bulls since 1926—if you are a numbers person, the odds are in our favor.  


The Chart below illustrates the bull and bear markets since 1926. What I want you to notice is how big and long the blue mountains(bull markets) are compare them to the orange valleys (bear markets).  

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